About Us

The traditional rental market of goods was not evolving; so Garag jumped in to disrupt a 44.6 billion dollar industry in the US market.

Founded in 2017, Garag is a digitally enabled rental marketplace for a broad range of categories. It connects both Lenders and Borrowers using a mobile application and web portal. Garag strives to make renting a delightful experience for individuals and businesses.

We are on a Mission to take people's belongings on a trip to a network of users where renting items represents mutual benefit, and our Vision is to override purchasing behavior by offering access over ownership. Our key value is building a robust level of trust between lenders and borrowers, so belongings can travel safely between a network of people whilst telling a great story on the way back home.


Ahmad Alkhawaja

Co-Founder and CEO

Medyen Khasawneh

Co-Founder and COO

Raymond Mator


Silviu Velovici


Brad Bertoglio

General Counsel