Garag marketplace allows you to borrow anything you need from someone in your city

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Garag Identity

Garag is a "Palindrome", A word that is spelt the same way backward as it spelt forward. This aptly captures the mutual benefit we provide for Borrower and Lender. The missing "E" is found in the Garag experience


Access to Boundless Belongings


Mutual Benefit


Rent out your stuff and make money

The number 1 rental marketplace on iOS and Android

Garag is available on Android and iOS, Download now to get started

Because sometimes you only need it once

Become a Garager and own what you don't

Items Insurance

Protect all items you post on Garag with Garag Shield


Get items delivered to you or pickup items at your convenience

App Dashboard

Manage your listings via an in-app dashboard and get paid easily


Track items from pickup to delivery with delivery video proof

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